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Wish Upon a STAR



Alaska Communications is committed to the communities in which we live and work. We recognize investing in our community is how we build positive, healthy places to live.

This holiday season, Alaska Communications' WLEAD committee is sponsoring a fundraising effort to support STAR during a challenging time for nonprofits. WLEAD and STAR's wish is to help Alaskans heal from trauma with education and advocacy. In 2019 alone, STAR responded to 5,270 crisis line calls, 3,955 legal advocacy services, 619 counseling sessions, 322 assault team support responses, 277 child abuse evaluation services, 287 walk-in visits and 61 University of Alaska campus walk-ins. Additionally, STAR provides educational programs for K-12 students throughout Alaska.

Help STAR's wish come true by donating today. Your donation is tax deductible and helps ensure STAR's mission of prevention and response is available to all Alaskans.

All of us at STAR are humbled, inspired and grateful for this campaign and all the work Alaska Communications does for our community. If you are an Alaska Communications employee or customer and you would like to contribute toward this effort, click the donate button, below.


Women in Leadership Empowerment and Diversity (WLEAD) was established in 2015 with the mission to accelerate the advancement of women and increase diversity in the workplace at Alaska Communications.

Since then our mission has expanded to include all employees. Now our focus is on the professional development and advancement of our employees, creating a united and diverse workforce, and making Alaska Communications a great place to work through enhanced employee engagement. We strive to create a culture of cohesion, building relationships that remove barriers.

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