Prevention & Education

Striving to reduce sexual assault and abuse in Alaska
through Prevention and Education Programs.

Youth Education Presentations

We have a number of age-appropriate presentations (preschool-12th) available to be given at your child’s school. Presentations provide personal safety and sexual violence information as well as resources and skill building. STAR is very careful with the material brought into schools, utilizing information geared to the child’s age and development. All curricula are reviewed and approved by the Anchorage School District. 

Adult Education & Professional Training

Wanting to know more about sexual violence and how to work with those affected by these crimes? STAR provides many different presentations to organization and agencies throughout the Anchorage bowl. Trainings focus on victim sensitivity, responding to crisis and disclosures, STAR services, and the role of a victim advocate. Trainings can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Educational & Informational Booths

STAR Educators are available to host informational booths during community events, health fairs, and to present on topics of power based violence and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If you have questions about STAR K-12 Education, community presentations or inviting us to host a table at your event,  please contact STAR's Prevention & Education Manager at (907) 276-7279 or [email protected].

STAR Handouts

STAR offers numerous handouts to the community with information for parents, teens, teachers, and survivors. All of these handouts are available for download by clicking on the image.

When you Reach for a STAR

Provides a general overview of STAR’s services and support information

How Can I Help?

A Guide for Teachers, Care Givers, and Adults Working with Children: Covers information on indicators, types of disclosures and how to report abuse.

What Your Friends Don't Know

The Truth About Sexual Assault and Dating Violence: A great reminder for anyone dating on risk reduction, internet safety and healthy boundaries.

Believing and Responding to Sexual Violence Against Kids

Ways to respond and support a child if abuse is disclosed or suspected.

In Yupik: Believing and Responding to Sexual Violence Against Kids

Believing and Responding to Sexual Violence Against Kids: An older version of the brochure translated into Yup'ik.

Grow Up Safely

Expert Advice and Perpetrator Warnings to Reduce Your Child's Risk of Sexual Violence: Displays seven steps for prevention, what perpetrators say to parents, and all of the state's resources for child abuse assistance.

Sexual Violence for GLBTQ Communities

Helpful definitions, ways to support and survivor, and additional resources.

STAR's Personal Safety Coloring Book

The lessons in this coloring book help children learn about safe versus unsafe behaviors, and a common language to ask for help when it's needed.